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TND is an episodic detective LGBTQ+ otome game with elements of sci-fi.

You are inexperienced yet promising detective that was sent to far away town on Neptune to investigate human- and drug trafficking. But is everything just as simple as it seems to be? What if every single polite smile and every kind gesture is a mask of a skilled criminal? Every neighbour may be a potential victim. Or maybe an accomplice? 5 characters hiding their own secrets, so different yet so alike. 

Explore their routes to figure out the truth. Dive into atmosphere of neon and tech noir. Investigate and eliminate the cause of all troubles on snowy Neptune. Find your love, but do not forget: the only rule the town holds is that you can only fight fire with fire. 


- 5 different routes.

- You will choose pronoun, name and surname. 

- R18 - for violence, harsh language and erotic .

- New CG for every character in every new chapter.

- A lot of different options to choose during the dialogs. 

- This game is for PC, but it may appear on phone too :)

Creator of Idea&Writer - Daria Shibko (Ryne Morgendoerfer)

Artist – Liya "Lu" Ubilava (lululume)

Music was taken from:
☆Synth Kid
☆Three Chain Links
☆Twin Musicom
☆DL Sounds
☆Purple Planet Music
☆Gun Sounds

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I'm not normally huge on sci-fi setting, but I absolutely adore the world you guys have created for this story! The art and charactersare amazing as well, I'm looking foward to the next update!!

PS Have you guys considered setting up a discord for people to talk and share fanart and stuff?


So the story is interesting, I think? If I understand the premise correctly. The art is great, it's a good start but it's really hard to keep reading. The wording is awkward, the writing is kinda... Not great. It's really formal everything is very wordy and hard to follow.I'm assuming the writer's first language is not English, which is all well and good but it needs to be edited better. It's distracting and I have to reread everything several times, it's like a word scramble where all the words are in a very strange order. The MC keeps saying things like "I have ..." when they are mentioning their actions, "I have tightened my grip on my bag"... Maybe it's just because I over think things, it seems to be a mystery type story which means the wording would be SUPER important and worded that way is like... Hinting at something but it's not, it's just bad writing so it's like... Hard to follow. Idk, sorry.

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Ah,fair point, true, some of the lines are a bit confusing

Maybe they just need to proof-read though.

(or I guess I could help with that, if english isn't their strong language. Hit me up Meduza eheh -jk-)

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Damn, I don't comment on these usually, but the artstyle is so good. And the rest too ahah.  I'm pretty hyped for that game of yours, which is rare since I'm pretty critical with these xd

So keep up the good work buddy (or buddies ahah), cuz it's a pretty strong start from you guys. Will find a way to buy this when it releases, definitely.

And have a nice day!


You made our day!

It means really a lot for us <3 We are happy that you enjoy! Will try not to fail you ;)


and it buddies  <3 B-)

Aw, glad to have made your day :

I really liked the plot and all of the characters are so interesting! I'm very curious what kind of secrets the city hides ;) Good luck on the next chapters!

Thank you! It means a lot for us <3 :3


there seems to be a lot of grammar issues which makes it hard to understand sometimes/follow 

thank you for your feedback, we’ll make sure to correct mistakes with the next update ~


Playing now, the character designs and premise are lovely, but there are quite a few grammar inconsistencies and issues? : o Looking great otherwise!

thank your for you feedback c: