A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

TND is an episodic detective LGBTQ+ otome game with elements of sci-fi.

You are inexperienced yet promising detective that was sent to far away town on Neptune to investigate human- and drug trafficking. But is everything just as simple as it seems to be? What if every single polite smile and every kind gesture is a mask of a skilled criminal? Every neighbour may be a potential victim. Or maybe an accomplice? 5 characters hiding their own secrets, so different yet so alike. 

Explore their routes to figure out the truth. Dive into atmosphere of neon and tech noir. Investigate and eliminate the cause of all troubles on snowy Neptune. Find your love, but do not forget: the only rule the town holds is that you can only fight fire with fire. 


- 5 different routes.

- You will choose pronoun, name, and surname. 

- R18 - for violence, harsh language, and erotic.

- New CG for every character in every new chapter.

- A lot of different options to choose from during the dialogs. 

Creator of Idea&Writer - Daria Shibko (Ryne Morgendoerfer)

Artist – Liya "Lu" Ubilava (lululume)

Music was taken from:
☆Synth Kid
☆Three Chain Links
☆Twin Musicom
☆DL Sounds
☆Purple Planet Music
☆Gun Sounds

AXTSI (the greatest!!!)

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TND Chapters 1-7.3 434 MB
TND Chapters 1-7.3 452 MB

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Is there any way to access the CGs outside of replaying the story?


hello and thank you for your question! No, sadly, we don’t have CG photo gallery


updates: it comes with new update :)


After doing Helios route idk if I can just go and start a different one with someone else <_< I literally can't- love him too much already
But I'll probably have to in order to understand the whole story, right?

Hello! Not really, every route tells the same story from a different perspective :) but the detective story is the same in all the routes. 

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I absolutely love this. Some of the choices of the MC seem a bit wacky but all the plotlines of the characters are well written and I especially loved the background work for this game, both the artwork as well as the music. A few grammatical errors are there but not too many to take away from the experience. I played only Ren's route so far and the cliffhanger is killing me. Any estimates as to when the game will be completed?

Edit: I finished Louiver's route and there are a lot of mistakes both grammatical and plot related as well as spelling. SPOILER ALERT- At the end of chapter 6, Aaron calls MC to tell her Andrew is dead but again in Chapter 7 MC calls her again and is told that Andrew is dead like it's news to her. I understand that English isn't your first language but I would really suggest hiring someone to proof read coz it's a bit distracting to try and make sense of some of the sentences. Still love the game though!

Hello! Thank you for your comment ^_^ And thank you that you mentioned that plot mistake too! We will correct it asap, as well as we try to correct grammar too <3 


Is there a particular order that you would recommend we play the routes in? 


Hello! We don't have such an order because every route is different and tells a different story)
But if you want to expand the plot step by step, it is better to start with Loui, as his story reveals the least plot details ^_^


I shall also play Selena and Emer, they're both very important pieces to the story


I played Louiver's, Ren's, and Helios' route, in that order. And gods it just keeps getting more and more chaotic lol


Okay, I'm freaking out with this game. I've already finished what's updated of each Selena and Emer routes, and my brain is gonna explode. I just discovered this game yesterday, but OMG I'll wait the rest of my life if it's necesary for it to be complete. 

Even if the relationships, at least the ones I played, have high levels of toxicty, dude the story is really good,  and I like that each one of the routes are so different between them. Also the artwork is beautiful.

Congratulations for the work!


Thank you! <3 <3 <3 


hey! It's been 3 months since I wrote a comment asking if the game was completed to which I was replied back that the game wasn't completed yet. How close are you to your imagined story? You see I just absolutely cannot bear cliffhangers:(. So I was wondering if you guys were actually done with all the routes of certain characters? And will the game be released in early 2021?:)

Thanks, would appreciate it if I'm replied back.

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No, we are not done with the routes. The story will be continued :) More 3 chapters done, will be done this year, can't be specific about dates.


loveeeeeeeeee the music and the story , but the music thoughhhhh . adds so much flavour and spice and everything nice .


This comment made my day <3

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Dear creators, writer's and developers...

I would like to thank you for this breath of fresh air. The atmosphere of the game is wonderful. I love something different and so well written. So far I've enjoyed this game and I'm anxious for what's to come next. 


Please let me know if you have written any novels. I would love to read them since I enjoy the writing style. If not, seriously consider it since you have alot of talent.

Creators and developer's...

I'd love to know of any other games you have created since I became a fan!

I thank you all for your hard work.

Kind regards



Hello and thank you lots for your comment!

Our team doesn't have any other projects for now but we sure will and as soon as we do we are totally sharing it :)

I started the game when I was Louiver years old and now I am Emer years old hihi. Thank you for this amazing game !

Happy belated birthday then to you :)


Hello, i love this game! I'd love to tip you, it looks like your ko-fi link is broken, i'm just getting a redirect


Hello and thank you for report! We don't use KoFi and we've forgotten to remove the link, sorry for inconvenience >.< 

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hi my loves! i've adored this game for quite some time and just downloaded the ch7 update. i'm trying to play the game from my previous saves (so i can continue from where i left off and just play ch7) and the game keeps telling me there's an error in the code and quits the game! am i doing something wrong?? TT;;

edit: also keep an eye out in your email!! i'm planning to apply to help with proofing/writing :)

Your bug note is taken :) 

and we are finally back to our emails xD


is it completed?

no, it’s not 


:( when will it be completed?

we can’t say for sure. We don’t have deadlines 

(1 edit) (+2)

Uh, so this is totally a non-issue, because I'm sure nobody in their right mind would do this, but uh, the text gets kinda wonky (cuts off a bit at the end of the text box, and once the character cap is reached, can't backspace to delete the characters unless you use arrow keys to go back a few characters and then backspace)

Joke name aside (lmao), really enjoyed the game :)

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Hi!! I absolutely adore this game - I've actually made a few edits for some of the characters on my channel if that would interest anyone :D (P.S, if there is a creator reading this and you would like me to take down my Neptune Diaries vids, I totally will! Just wanted to show my love for the characters somehow :D



Detective nooooo! what kind of self respecting police officer keeps their gun in a backpack! *noises of me banging my head on the desk*


(2 edits) (+5)

Narration: This is my first real big case

Me: yeah and you're gonna die while you dig through your backpack to get to your gun!

Imagine if the detective went to pull out a notebook and their gun fell out in the middle of the lab. Awwwk-waaard

MC: Hang on just let me grab my-


Helios: Is that... a gun?

MC: ... no?


Afflllglggg this is GOLD 😂😂😂



I just finished playing Ren's route. Or at least, my first run through in chapter 7 and holy moly. Just...wow, what just happened! I'm so shocked, I dont know what to feel. I'm SO excited to keep playing and testing out all the choices however!

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Hi there! I wrote a review for the latest build of TND and posted it below. It includes some constructive feedback, but it is all given out of a desire to help and contribute beyond just playing the game. Even if you decide not to read my whole review (which I totally understand; it's long), I wish you the best of luck!! There's also a TL;DR at the bottom.

(Edit: Also, would you perhaps consider putting an 18+ flag on the game or adding a disclaimer at the top of the description page? It would be unfortunate for any minors or people who just don’t want to read explicit sex to get blindsided.)


Overall rating:

As of WIP build released Nov 7, 2020: 2.25/5

One-sentence review: 

While the character and cutscene-graphic art is lovely and I have the utmost respect for the effort and tenacity that have doubtlessly gone into this project, I feel that The Neptune Diaries’ writing and story have ample room for improvement in the areas of technical correctness, purpose, style, and voice.


Partial; dropped.


Detailed feedback and TL;DR below!



I deeply apologize if any of this comes off as harsh/rude — I genuinely admire both of you for creating a game and putting it online; that’s such an insane accomplishment! I’m offering this feedback as an editor/writer and visual novel enthusiast out of a desire to help. The rest of the comments section does not seem to be putting forth any critique, but this may be because you have a feedback form somewhere else -- if so, I apologize for misplacing this post! 

I imagine you’re still very much in the process of writing and editing -- as a player, I just wanted to offer some thoughts on some things to potentially consider on your next read-through. Of course, feel more than free to ignore my comment if you’re just enjoying yourselves and you don’t want some chick getting all ‘English major’ in your comments section. I won’t take offense at all!

Anyways, I wish you both the best of luck! You’re very tenacious to have come this far in such an ambitious project, and I’m excited to see how you continue your development. Have a good November; make sure to stay safe and wear a mask! :)


It’s clear that a lot of effort has been put into this project, and I genuinely respect and admire that immensely. However, the most integral piece of any story is its writing, and I think that happens to be TND’s greatest opportunity for growth. The writing in the game is riddled with grammatical errors as well as what I felt was a plethora of clunky phrasing and repetitive sentence structure, which was amplified by vague worldbuilding and exposition. There were also many instances where things were worded in a manner that was just slightly off. The first time I noticed this was in the use of the phrase “people trafficking” by the police authority in the first chapter. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone use that phraseology and it stuck out to me that an authority would misname that crime.

The style of writing makes me feel uncomfortable when reading intimate scenes. With all due respect, it feels to me like a story written by (and/or for?) a demographic a good few years below the age of consent, and the injection of explicit sexual activity into that environment makes me feel some...very unpleasant cognitive dissonance. Most of the characters are purportedly 20+, but the writing doesn’t evoke the way adults think and speak; to me, it sounds much more like a young teenager narrating the story, which adds a layer of distinct discomfort to the sex scenes.

Tangentially, I do not care for the first person semi-omniscient narrative framing in general. I feel that it, in this case, contributed to my age and repetition concerns, and it, in general, weakens the players’ abilities to immerse themselves within their own version of the MC. 

So far, based on what I have read, it is my best guess that TND has not gone through many comprehensive revision sweeps — I think pursuing revision by an editor, a critique partner, a beta reader, or even a proofreader would be helpful. Someone who is experienced in writing but who did not work on the game could help point out grammatical and potential story/clarity issues that it would be harder to see for the person who wrote the text originally.


I’m so sorry to say this, but I did not feel terribly invested in the game's plot, due to both my feelings about the writing and a lack of compelling stakes for the main character. I don’t feel like I...know what’s going on when I read TND. The world-building feels a bit...floaty? undefined? For instance, beyond an inexperienced detective, who are we? What has our life been like? Why is a rookie assigned to a high-stakes human trafficking case (and, if it's abnormal, why is the main character not concerned at all)? I feel like I wasn’t able to get a grasp on the main character as a person, so it was difficult to empathize with them. However, I love the founding idea behind the story and I think there's a lot of potential there!

This isn’t a huge point, but I think it warrants some mention -- I don’t think the BDSM etiquette in Ren’s route is handled as well as it could be. I can’t endorse a lack of communication preceding any kind of sexual activity, but this principle applies triply when a participating party is planning on whipping out a deadly weapon during sex. The game doesn’t give you the option give fully informed consent beforehand or the option to withdraw that consent during the scene, both of which I think are important, especially given the…knife involvement.


As I mentioned earlier, the art is quite nice — especially the cutscene-graphic pieces, which are downright lovely. I think there’s a bit of a style mismatch between some backgrounds and characters when framed together, but the sprites themselves are good and have personality! The digital painting on Ren’s and Emer’s respective sprites especially stuck out to me as visually pleasing — very clean. Genuinely, I love the CGs; they're stunning. Kudos!


Setting: Seems quite interesting once you manage to suspend your disbelief! I would love of the worldbuilding in the opening were more in-depth, but so far you definitely have a cool tidbit.

Story: Some logical inconsistencies and a lack of balanced exposition hinder my engagement with the concept some. However, in elevator-pitch form, the ideas at work seem interesting!

Writing: The many grammatical errors and the unyielding first-person narration made my reading experience a bit difficult and lacking in engagement.

Art: Lovely! Art style differences between backgrounds and sprites stand out occasionally, but nothing too jarring. The CGs especially are beautiful!

OK, you made it! Thanks for reading, and I want to emphasize again that I have absolutely no hate or other hard feelings towards the devs or fans of TND. All feedback is given out of benevolence and love for the art form. Best of luck again, and stay safe! :)


Thank you for your comment.

Unfortunately, we are non-English speakers, so there will be some mistakes in the texts. There is nothing we can do with it. Unless we just stop making games.

Now we will make a post for other users of this website and inform them, that they should not waste their time on our game if they are too sensitive to grammar mistakes :)


I just want to make it clear that I DO NOT think that TND is a waste of anyone's time and I DO NOT think that you should stop making games. That is the furthest thing from the truth of my intentions. Improvement in anything, including a second language, comes from critique, evaluation, and practice -- as I'm sure you know. I was trying to give feedback, as a fluent native English speaker and a fellow writer, in an attempt to provide help in that process.

There's no need to defend yourself from me; I think quite highly of you both for making a game, and in a non-native language. That's very impressive!

To be honest, I did exit the game without even saving because of the spelling errors and awkward phrasing.  Am I sensitive?  Not really.  But I love reading, and those problems did prevent me from feeling immersed in the story.

I speak another language besides English.  Could I write a story in that other language?  Probably not without a lot of help, and I'm pretty fluent in that second language.  From the type of spelling errors and awkward phrasing, it was clear to me before reading your comment that you were non-Native English speakers.  You absolutely can fix the obvious spelling errors and replace some of the directly translated terminology and phrases with ones that are more authentic.  I'm not sure, as I haven't played more than a brief bit of your game, but if your game is good, putting that effort in can make it very good, great, or even excellent.  Up to you, though!

Alternatively, you could always write the game in your native language. I've played some VNs in the my next-most fluent language and found it very enjoyable, as well as a good way to build my skills.


Hello, @KrakenHive. We appreciate your extensive feedback and understand that there is always room for improvement: we are working on that. :) Thanks for taking your time to check out the game and sharing your insights with us. Have a great one!


And we have R18 for violence, harsh language and erotic in the description of the game :)


Hello! Daria is speaking, I'm the one who is responsible for writing. First of all, let me thank you for the time you put into your review as well as for your intention to stay polite and constructive. I'm sorry for my colleague being harsh on you, I guess she was trying to defend me and didn't mean bad. 

I'll gladly consider your comments and honestly doing my  best to fix mistakes that I keep on doing even though I'm actually an English teacher. And thank you again for your time and opinion and being specific with details.

Hope you are having a good day so far!



Hi Daria! 

It's no problem at all! I know that constructive feedback, no matter how well-meaning and kindly-worded, can hurt and that it's anyone's instinct to defend the people they care about. I take no offense.

Like I said in my response to the first response, improvement comes through practice and mistakes! There are a lot of intricacies to English grammar and syntax, and you're already infinitely more competent with a second language than I could ever be. I hope I didn't discourage you; that was the opposite of my intention!

Again, I wish you both the best of luck!! Writing is an eternal journey, even for native speakers, and you're doing great.

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And this concludes my Ted Talk on Selena's chap. 7. XD First of all - BEST WEEKEND EVER (Trump fired, chap 7 coming out); MY~ So worth the wait. There were some GORGEOUS CGs in this one. Simply stunning. *chef's kiss*

In other news: I Both LOVE and want to STRANGLE Brie -- her and you all, Dammit. HOW *DARE* you DENY MEH MAH SEX SCENE?!? I was all PUMPED, all 'Yea! Now I can talk shit to Ren folks BRAGGING about their AWESOME SEX(lovingly)' -- AND THEN YOU GIVE ME AN INTERRUPT. *FLIPS BRIE'S LAB TABLE, FOAMING AT THE MOUTH* Why u do dis??? My Detective's so Horn--*clears throat* Emotionally Constipated. ;) What REALLY upsets me is I'm not even complaining (for Emer's route either - love that we waited); Selena romance is a series of stolen moments and each one you get is just so Electric b/c you don't know the next time you're gonna get shot at.lol All I have to say is when you *DO* let me have mah sex, Selena will need a wheelchair~

Plot-wise, I'm Speechless - had NO IDEA ish was going to go down like that and I am Freaking Out(TM). This is Soooo Good. Ugggggh - I want Mooooar -- will we LIIIIVEEE?!? Hopefully Emer's route comes soon to tide me over - NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING SINCE YOU'RE MAKING ME WAIT <3

yaaaay part 7



Thanks for this chapter !! I feel like it's already Christmas *_* ! THANK YOU ! The music was on point and the writing so fluid and the illustrations was beautiful ! The entire chapter was EPIC !

Yep, I think I'm emotionnally invested to the core haha ! I repeated the word "feel" a lot in this review because one of the major strenghts of this visual novel is your abilities to make us live the story. (Sorry for my english haha, hope it will make sense !)


Damn, I felt like a badass Trinity in front of Helios !! And the declaration right after was SO EPIC !! I felt that hug >u< ! You made my heart a rollercoaster, I swear ! The moment in the wardrobe was so sweet, I couldn't help but smile, typical Helios  :) ! I missed those moments with him so much. 

OMG the end was mindblowing !!! This is a next level, like the stratospheric level lol, I guess Helios's value has exploded now haha.

Just a question : I hope we could see Steve in the next chapter ? I miss him !

Now, I'm gonna play the other MC's route héhé ! 

GREAT JOB !! Thank you again !!

Hello! Thank you for your words! <3

Of course you can see him, he is, safe and sound, waiting for him owner to be back :3

Yeahh, I'm relieved, thanks for your answer !

Hey, thanks for the music comment. This makes my day <3

(1 edit) (+3)

H-Holy Moly what is this?! my dreams did come true at least this once, I knew my life wasn't just for nothing (kay maybe I'm being just a tiny bit overdramatic, but what can I do? I was counting days and I'm not even the type to do that), I just missed those babies way too much, they all just feel so much like home to me, especially Louiver, I'm a panromantic ace so his representativity feels so great and his deep self is so real and adorable that I just had no other choice, but to fell in love with him, and for god's sake, now I even feel jellyfish in my stomach. So thank ya Ryne and lulume, from the bottom of ma heart, I would totally sell ma soul for the both of ya (❤´艸`❤)(〃` 3′〃)(❤ ω ❤). 

And bro, chapter 7 is even greater than I've dreamed it to be. It gave me all kinds o chills, the art is mesmerizing, is breathtaking, marvelous, damn I'm in love again. And the history is sooo attractive and intense that I want to drown deep in it (I'm alreadyway way too immersed, tho)ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ

Love ya.


Thank you so much! 

We are super happy to hear such words <3 

And we are happy, that you feel great about ace representation, It makes our work meaningful!


I just finished Chapter 7... HOLY SHIIIT!?!?!?! This is so intriguing and I can't wait for Chapter 8. Amazing as always!



Thank you! We hope next chapter will not take so much time to do as this one <3


take as much time as you need! each chapter is a refresher from the real world, so i’ll feel satisfied as long as you appreciate your own work and make time for yourselves! <3

Hello there 👀👀 How u guys doing?

We a preparing all our platforms for chapter 7..... which comes out TODAY *0*


wowww..this game is so good so far, in a way it kind of reminds of The Arcana. The characters are so well written, I found myself hating certain ones and then loving them in different route lol. 


Can't wait for chapter 7 !! Wow, the character are so damn well-written ! Big applause for the music and the illustrations !! Thank you !


Hey! Anything for this or next month or nothing until 2021?


Something this autumn

when will there be a new update ;-;;

as soon as it’s done ~

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Every love interests in this game are killing me. they are so complex. I feel so exciting. 

ahahhaha, we are happy that you feel in such way! <3 

I just played all the routes again, and oh my, I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH ^^


sorry for being a thirsty hoe but I hope it has more sex scenes because ren's one blew me away *-*


same. Just...same


luckily though there is still 6 chapters so maybe XD 


OF COURSE, THERE WILL BE SEX SCENES! What are we, barbarians? :D




I love the Ren Route <3! The story is awesome

thank you! <3

Hey! I hope  everyone is doing okay. Will there be any uptade this month? 


hey~ yep yep, everyone is okay~ this month definitely no, but hopefully in august :3

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Thx! The more Helios there is the more patient I am. Oh and love u all ❤️

This had no business keeping me up all night to finish all of the available content but boy am i sold on it. Can't wait to see how it ends! How many chapters will there be in total?

(1 edit)

We are on half of the way! In total, there will be 12 chapters :3

I was in love <3 I hope there will be more chapters in future


There will be more chapters indeed! We plan to do 12 chapters :3

OMG YASS! I am sad that I have to redo it all but hey XD worth it!


I love this game. It's awesome.

Thank you, sweetheart! <3

You're Welcome <3 Darling.


Hey! I was wondering if the mc will have any descriptions about their height or so on? How old are they? etc.

(1 edit) (+2)

nope, cause you’re MC yourself,so these kind of things are totally up to you :)

(1 edit) (+3)

Guys, you are amazing and I'm a big fan of your work, but I'm currently replaying a second route in a row and can't help but say that you really need to get more proofreading done. Please.

The most persistent thing is use of "quite" instead of "quiet", and there was a word "shits" insrtead of "sheets" in Ren's sex scene (a jaw-droppingly good scene, that) just to name a few.


We’ve got some proofreaders, no worries :)


I really love the game play and how quickly the romance moves at a certain point. I really enjoy this story so far i hope you will come out with another chapter soon:)


Hello! Thank you so much for your words! 

We are already in the process of making next chapter, so, I hope, it will be out soon <3


Thats great because i am so excited to continue the Ren route.


I just finished chapter 6  and the Ren scene had me screaming XD. I hope we get more scenes like that cause I was not complaining. I also really hope we get to learn more in depth stuff about his past and why his marks glowed blue. You guys have a very unique development style and you do it very well. If you do any future projects I will most definitely check them out. :)

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