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Really LOVED Helios' chp 6. My only issue is that there are a few grammatical errors. Other than that, I just wanna kick a specific woman's ass

Sorry for mistakes, we try hard, but English is not our first language :3

And thank you! Helios' Chapter 7 will be.... HOT, ehehehe


ooooooh i'm really really curious about this blue-glowy thing Ren's tattoos have going on. what do they mean? what changed in order for them to glow blue instead of red?

It means A LOT :3 

But no spoilers from us! :D


we'll find out tho right????

Just a simple question: once the game's over, will there be a walkthrough please?

Yes! We will make a guide in decisions and the whole walkthrough of the game ^_^


Awesome! Thank you! <3


I loved every moment of the game <3. I loved how everyone has different storyline and how deep their characters how. I really enjoyed and can't wait for more chapters to come.

Thank you! <3

Chapter 6 is already out :3

I have just played chapter 6 and gosh it's happening, I can feel the slow build up of epic action and feels to come. Thank you for this update :D


Thank you for your feedback. We all had it coming slowly but gradually. Fasten your sit belts :)

Thoroughly enjoying this! Can't wait to spend more time with Helios


Thank you! New Chapter is almost ready <3


OMG Glad to heeear 

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I just finished episode 5 and I'm just at a loss of words. what do I do with myself now. REN DESERVES BETTER AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, AND THAT CLIFFHANGER AT THE END, I-

******************spoiler alert**************

excuse me you Billie Eilish looking b***, where is Ren and what did you do to him, I *will* fight you, give him back RIGHT NOW or I will cry and my MC will kick your ass please return him immediately, thank you

Also, thanks for playing on my heartstrings like a violin, dear devs, I will proceed to stare longingly at the Ren postcards I have hanging on my wall and cry 👉👉


ahahahhaha :D 

make the player suffer - our goal :D Don't worry, tho, next chapter will be FULL of Ren :3



I'm genuinely so pleased with how this game is so far! The art is extremely eye catching, and even though there are a few typos here and there, the plot line is very intriguing! I played this game awhile ago, and for some odd reason I remembered it and just HAD to play it again. I also really appreciate that this game is free (for now), because it gives everyone a chance to see the full view of the game. Out of all of the story games I've played so far, this definitely makes it on top 3! When reading and viewing the art, the dedication is pouring out. All of the hard work put into this game is paying off for sure and I can't wait to see the rest of the game! Out of pure curiosity, how long does it usually take for you to produce one chapter? There's no rush for a response, but I thank you for creating such an outstanding game! <3 


Thank you lots for such a full feedback!!!

We don’t have frames for chapters to come out due to work and studies, so it’s always different~ 

Sorry to bother you but how many chapters is this going to have? And when is chapter 6 coming out?

We plan 12 chapters. And chapter 6 will be out whenever is ready, quite soon though ~

Hello! I just played Chapter 5 and I was defo blown away, I just hope I'm patient enough for Chapter 6 heh. 


My favos are definitely Helios and Ren but hoo boy, talk about Ren's route thoooo my heart can't take it, he's such a precious pumpkin! Him in flannel? Yes please! The 'later' looks and I apologize but I couldn't stop laughing when he whispered, "Sorry, I'm blind as fuck."

Honestly, thank you for giving me some laughs during quarantine and I hope ya'll are doing great and staying healthy and safe! My beating heart shall be still for Chapter 6 (hopefully) ;))

Hello! Thank you for your nice words!

We will try to make you laugh more in the next chapter :D We already started work on it, so you won't have to wait 5 months, lol :D

omg I knowww I stated laughing so hard I almost woke up the whole house I swear, and omg is he a precious cinnamon roll

The new episode was soo good!! Ren and Helios are both my favorites I can't decide who I love more hahaha


thaank youuu. the best part of VN is that you can love both and none of them will figure out the second one xD


please release the new chapter :c


as soon as it’s done :)


I started playing just last night and im already done and waiting for the next chapter to release :( there are a lot of typos but it didnt bother me too much, the art and story work and character development is amazing... i cant wait toe the next chapter!!


thank you for your feedback ~ new chapter is on its way ✨


There were a lot of typos but my god did the story and characters outweigh the importance of that. It was so in depth it sucked my right in from the beginning. I love Ren's route. I can't wait for the next part! Your work is amazing!! 


thank you lots and happy new year to ya~


I honestly am obsessed with this whole series and ren T^T




this time i finished chapter 3 and 4

everything is still great...

not gonna lie, emer is sexy... even if the way she makes money is ... bad. But it wasn't her choice, right?
She is... the victim of system ruling this whole city, right? She wants them dead... and all. 

I'm glad player can help her with her "ploblems". And MC's position any help is good. 


Indeed she is not s simple character ^_^

Thank you for your words! <3


Thank you for making such an amazing game!


thank you for considering it amazing uWu

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I loved the game! when I downloaded it, I didn't think I would like it so much, but wow! The story is very good and creative, and I loved the fact that each character has their own route, and it's not that typical pattern where the only thing that changes in the history is the romance. 

So far, Ren and Helios routes are my favorite. Helios is a cutie, but Ren, what can I say? I love him, such a precious baby! When i first saw him I thought he was an e-boy or something. I tried his route to see how it would develop, and oh boy, he stole my heart. I just think that this last chapter was kind of short, but their interaction was very cute nonethless.

And sorry if the text is getting too long, but i would like to ask if the next chapter will take a little longer than normal since the holidays are coming? Thanks!

daaaaw thank you for your feedback 💜 we are glad you love it~ We will make sure to release the next chapter before the holidays, so stay tuned 🌞

I enjoyed playing chapter 4.

Oh, I'm playing Helios' route right now. He's such a cutie, by the way.

Also, I'm totally looking forward to more chapters. And I hope they come soon because I really want to know what's going on.


We will try our best to make next chapter as soon as possible! <3


I found 2 errors in Ren's Chapter 4:

- pointed at bike

- be able to get our

Not many Ren in this new chapter but the plot is getting thicker... The chapter was too short, I can't wait to know what happens next! :D


Thank you for telling us about errors, we will fix them with the next update! <3 We will try to make next chapter longer!



I really love this game so far. I'm looking forward to more. I can't wait to know what happens next. 

thank you~ we hope to surprise you with the next chapter c:

I'm sorry, I haven't seen this information anywhere (maybe I searched badly), but I'd like to ask how many chapters do you plan to release? And what will be the game duration? Thanks in advance!


Originally we planned to do 12 chapters, but we don't know how it will be in the end. Right now we can say for sure that our story is far away from finishing.

And about duration - it is difficult to say, because every character has unique route. So.. it usually takes me ~1 hour to play 1 chapter for 1 character. So, if you are going to play all characters and all chapters - ~20 hours. (sorry for my math :D )

Okay, I understand. Then I wish you good luck and speedy completion of the project, I will wait for the full version of the game with impatience!

I just finished chapter 3 and-

MY BOy ReN holy sh1T

I just love this game so so much- the more I play, the more I get sucked into the amazing world of TND. Cheers for sobbing at 1 am while playing in Ren's route


Cheers, child, cheers 🥃

Not sure if it's a bug, but when trying to download the chapters 1-3 demo, the link appear for half a second then disappear so I can't actually download it.... Any idea what that is? Or any way to send me another link or something if not?

Hello and thank you for report. Do you use the itchio app or did you try to download it from the website?

From the website

Seems to not be the only link that is buggy though, so it might be an issue with the website. 

I checked other random demos, and yeah, it works half of the time. So no worries, probably not your bug.

Well, we never had such a bug report which probably means there are web site issues so hopefully it works for you soon~

Hi, i just wanted to report a bug in Helios route In chapter 3; when mc goes på pick him up it just pops up "An exception has occurred" and chrashes. 

Hello! Thank you!

Could you please send us a screenshot or photo of the screen with that error! It would help us to fix it :) -

I hadn't played your game at all before the release of Chapter 3 but now I'm hooked and I looking forward to the next chapter! :D

I also wanted to tell you that in chapter 3, during the scene where Ren paints, there is a sentence where it says Ran instead of Ren.

Thank you so much for creating this game and sorry for my bad english!.

Welcome to the team xD and thank you for noticing this typo! 💛

You're very welcome! :D

I also wanted to ask you if you wrote fanfics or original stories in English, because I find the plot of The Neptune Diaries really interesting and I am curious to read others of your writings.

I have a couple of fanfics but they are either in Russian or not finished at all😅

Зацепил сюжет,очень понравилась сцена с погоней. Спасибо большое за такую игровую атмосферу:)

Спасибо за такой отзыв 💛💛💛

Hey ya! 

I just want to thank you girls for such a wonderful game. Loved it so far and can't wait to see more of it! And to think it was made by only two people AND that it's your first VN. Wow! You are really something.

Спасибо и удачи <3

Спасибо большое, надеемся, что и дальше не разочаруем 💛💛💛

i just finished chapter 2, i can't wait for the next chapter!i loved everything about it, the story is just amazing and Ren stole my heart

chapter is coming, hope you'll enjoy it just as much c:

This game is really good! It's a bit slow at the start, but as soon as you choose which route you want to pursue, wow, I didn't even notice the time going by. I also really like how each route is unique and distinct from another. They all are their own stories and not just small variations from each other. I was drawn by Ren from the start; and so far is route has not disappoint ;) Just one thing, the wording is sometimes a bit hard to read and not really clear. Some dialogues feel stiff and unatural, there are also grammar mistakes (using past tense and present tense in the same sentence). I totally understand if English is not your first language (it's not mine either), I just wanted to let you know, because this game is really good, and it's a shame that reading it is so hard. Also maybe add a feature to make the text seem bigger?

Thank you for your feedback 💛 actually we got us a native speaker for proof-reading but well we are all humans and can miss something :’) and sure we can make text bigger in size, no problem~

Of course! I hope it didn't sound too harsh, the game looks very promising and I already love Ren with all my heart. Can't wait for chapter three~

I just finished chapter II.

interesting plot & lore, meaningful choices and unexpected plot-twists 

nice artstyle with great sprites and wonderful CGs

great characters, well-written, a lot of interesting, colorful, different personalities. emer is my favourite

I want more :D

Thank you! 

We were interested if someone likes or will ever like Emer, so you are the first one, ahaha :D 

("Good choice, she is my fav too" - artist Lu)

oh wow this is pretty! do we have a character sprite?

Thank you ~ and nope, we don’t :’)



but we can upload it, if you want, it's not a problem :D 

please :D

You want all of them or some specific characters? And should we upload it here or on tumblr? :3

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Have just finished enjoying two of the amazing Chapter 1-2 routes! I hardly know what words to use to describe just how awestruck I am by what I've seen so far and it's been long since I last had such an intense wish for an otome to be neverending and endless!
Where do I even begin?
How about the art style? My, I just love the creative input into it sooo much! Everything I see in the game seems to stand out somehow, everything is unique in its nature, always enchanting! The characters, the coloring, the backgrounds... I'm especially fond of how quirky and distinguishable both the characters and the locations are :) I love how each route has different settings and a different feel to it, and how the characters are so nicely contrasted, too.
Speaking of characters... Hot damn. I've never felt happier to be bi because everyone in your game is just so stunning and alluring and friggin smoking I-... At the same time, it made it all the more difficult for me to choose my favorite dude/gal hahah
So far I've only gone through Chapter 2 of Ren's and Louiver's routes but I feel like they may end up being my faves after all (the two being polar opposites much? Yes or no? ;) )! Doesn't change the fact I'm ALMOST equally enamored with Helios and Selena though! Guess Emer is the only one I'm not particularly crazy about. I got scared of her once and it stuck hah, but I'm still sure she's just as interesting as other characters! 
And since we're already talking interesting... WHY. WHY do you torture me with these blissful cliffhangers? I just can't take it! I seriously want to know what happened to Ren cause I need to protect this sad baby at all costs :< :< :< 
And Louiver???! I thought I was playing his route like wooot?! I need answers, don't leave me hanging with a broken heart like that ^_^;; 
Also, I just have to praise you on how knowledgeable you guys must be! I've never known so many things about jellyfish but hey, I guess your username checks hahah
But not only that. All the tiny bits of combat knowledge, some cool ideas for the future tech - it all takes some good thinking but results in this delicious immersion! <3 Also, that makes the player character seem all the more realistic and admirable. And who wouldn't want to be someone like that? :D 
I honestly admire you and am grateful for putting extra attention to detail in your lore and writing!
I know that a lot of others comment on your grammar, spelling, etc. and yes, it does sting the eyes at times - and even so, your writing style still keeps me more hooked than describable! I can't have enough of what is said because the style itself gets me sooo curious about what's going to happen next! I couldn't care less about some minor errors because the story alone takes all of my attention away from them! 

Well now, how do I conclude? Honestly, I can't really conclude my hype for the development of this project, it's far too overwhelming! Which means I will be awaiting anything and everything new from you impatiently! How many chapters do you plan on making? How far in the story are we at this point, exactly? I can't wait for the plotline to continue, yet at the same time I don't want this otome to end - and there really are few otome games which can make me feel this way this early into the story :D You've done marvelously well and I'm your fan from today onwards!~ 
As a side note, I'd love to help you where help is needed! I'd be happy to assist with proofreading if that's something that could speed up the process of game creation, as well as helping you gain more fans! Honestly, more people need to know about The Neptune Diaries and I would be more than happy to spread the word! 
Alrighty, I've shared my initial thoughts and feelings (of utter glee, mind you <3 ), now I'm off to play even more of the routes! What can I say? I can't stop myself! I'm addicted to your creation! Thank you guys for making such an amazing game. It's not finished yet - but it already is among my favorites I'm sure! :D 

Oh boi, author is speaking and that made my morning, made my day, made my week, made me cry in tears of joy and appreciation!

We plan +/- 12 chapters for each character so the story has only begun c: and we already have ideas for some other otomes so when this one comes to end we bring something new c: 

We already have a person to help us with proofreading but if you are willing to join write us on our tumblr or email us (we have links on itchio).

Really happy you loved it that much! Stay tuned, we are working on more surprised to give you more feelings c:

Ah, I'm so happy you're happy! Hold up, you're gonna make me cry too hahah :) 

It's also sooo cool to know it's going to be around 12 chapters! I seriously worried it would be shorter but yeah, 12 chapters I can get by with ;) It actually seems like a huge lot of work so it's truly impressive! Even more so given that you have other otome ideas already! Can't wait! :D 

Sure thing I'm willing to join! You'll hear from me real soon I promise :D

And yes, I loved it to the end of the galaxy and back <3 I've played two more routes already, too! Now it's only Emer left, I wonder what surprises she will have in stock for me hah ;D
For now I still like Ren and Louiver best but hey, what's 2 chapters out of 12, right? ;P 

Once again, thanks for working so hard on this otome! Am completely in love with it! <3

Yes, that was 2 chapters from 12. But you never know! Basically, every time we are changing our ideas, adding some new and adapting old scenario with new one, so, only Holy Neptune knows what us all awaits :D

i really want to like this because its got promise. the art and music are wonderful. but the writing really, really needs improvement. i understand that maybe you do not speak english as a first language which is totally okay but... all the spelling and grammatical errors are really going to turn people off from reading past chapter one. this game would benefit from getting somebody who speaks english as a first language to proofread and edit it. i'm willing to come back and give it a second chance if that does indeed happen, but as it stands, as much as i wish i could i wouldn't recommend it in its current state.

again, that's not to say this is a bad game and i can tell that a lot of love went into it. but if i have to spend several minutes trying to figure out what people are saying or doing in chapter one, i'm not really inclined to read further and hope it gets better.

Thank you for your feed back, we’ve already got us a native speaker for proofreading and fixing our mistakes ~

that's really great to hear! like i said, this game has a ton of promise and i don't want to see it held back by a few errors that are easily fixable. thanks for taking the time to reply and best of luck with the rest of the chapters. i will be keeping an eye on this!

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I'm not normally huge on sci-fi setting, but I absolutely adore the world you guys have created for this story! The art and charactersare amazing as well, I'm looking foward to the next update!!

PS Have you guys considered setting up a discord for people to talk and share fanart and stuff?

Sorry for the late reply!

We were thinking about it ;) So, probably, in the near future we will use discord too.

Thank you for your kind words <3


So the story is interesting, I think? If I understand the premise correctly. The art is great, it's a good start but it's really hard to keep reading. The wording is awkward, the writing is kinda... Not great. It's really formal everything is very wordy and hard to follow.I'm assuming the writer's first language is not English, which is all well and good but it needs to be edited better. It's distracting and I have to reread everything several times, it's like a word scramble where all the words are in a very strange order. The MC keeps saying things like "I have ..." when they are mentioning their actions, "I have tightened my grip on my bag"... Maybe it's just because I over think things, it seems to be a mystery type story which means the wording would be SUPER important and worded that way is like... Hinting at something but it's not, it's just bad writing so it's like... Hard to follow. Idk, sorry.

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Ah,fair point, true, some of the lines are a bit confusing

Maybe they just need to proof-read though.

(or I guess I could help with that, if english isn't their strong language. Hit me up Meduza eheh -jk-)

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Damn, I don't comment on these usually, but the artstyle is so good. And the rest too ahah.  I'm pretty hyped for that game of yours, which is rare since I'm pretty critical with these xd

So keep up the good work buddy (or buddies ahah), cuz it's a pretty strong start from you guys. Will find a way to buy this when it releases, definitely.

And have a nice day!


You made our day!

It means really a lot for us <3 We are happy that you enjoy! Will try not to fail you ;)


and it buddies  <3 B-)

Aw, glad to have made your day :

I really liked the plot and all of the characters are so interesting! I'm very curious what kind of secrets the city hides ;) Good luck on the next chapters!

Thank you! It means a lot for us <3 :3


there seems to be a lot of grammar issues which makes it hard to understand sometimes/follow 

thank you for your feedback, we’ll make sure to correct mistakes with the next update ~


Playing now, the character designs and premise are lovely, but there are quite a few grammar inconsistencies and issues? : o Looking great otherwise!

thank your for you feedback c: